Simple Tips for Losing Weight Naturally
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Rest and Relaxation: A Key to Weight Loss?

sleeping on the job

Researchers at Kaiser Permanente measured correlations of weight loss with stress, sleep, and other lifestyle factors in 500 study participants. Participants were asked to lose at least 10 pounds over a period of six months, and were instructed in nutrition and exercise as part of a weekly class. They were also asked to record their stress levels and report how much they slept. Participants who reported low stress levels and slept between 6 and 8 hours per night were most successful at losing weight.

To learn more about the study, read the article on sleep, stress, and weight loss at Science Daily.

Relevance to Natural Weight Loss:

Weight Loss Tip: Take the time to think about your daily schedule. Are you trying to do too much. Does your work, television viewing, or play keep you up late? Do you need help reducing your stress levels. Decide on one or two things that you can do to reduce your stress or improve your sleep, and start doing them today.


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