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Easy Greek (Strained) Yogurt Recipe

greek yogurt recipe

Greek or strained yogurt is a thick, rich, creamy yogurt that can be eaten alone or used in recipes as a low-calorie, high-protein substitute for sour cream or cream cheese. Use it to make dips, spreads, cheesecake, sauces, etc. It’s easy to make Greek yogurt using plain low-fat yogurt.

Easy Greek Yogurt

Line a strainer or colander with a layer of cheesecloth or coffee filters. Add plain home made low-fat yogurt (or any plain low-fat yogurt without added stabilizers). Let the liquid drain for at least two hours.

That’s it! You have now Greek yogurt. You can also use the drained liquid (whey) as a nutritious substitute for water in many recipes.

Relevance to Natural Weight Loss:

Weight Loss Tip: Use Greek yogurt as a low-calorie substitute in recipes that call for cream cheese or sour cream.


1 Amelle { 11.15.11 at 11:35 pm }

I have only recently learned to make natural yoghurt and I love it. Home made yoghurt tastes so much better than shop bought. I tend to use it on everything but especially on top of breakfast cereal. I have also noticed since i am eating it more regularly now, that my stomach doesn’t get bloated because of all those probiotic friendly bacteria. Great stuff.

2 Pravina { 12.25.12 at 10:36 am }

Hi Amelle

Can you kindly give me your home recipe for greek yoghurt.

Many thabks

3 Zakon JS { 06.29.15 at 5:23 am }

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