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A Step by Step Guide Based on a Real Book Journey
everything is a blog post with my cover (pointing to book site) as the pic. topics are Creating the Book, Publishing the Book, Marketing the Book (everything in one of these)….smaller are to organize my notes, get comments back, drive traffic to book,
-Find workpress files and copy to “original” folder on laptop. Then
-base format on NWLT but heading on THE BOOK

=Send advance readers’ copies (ARCs).
When the book is finished but not yet published, send bound copies of galley proofs to book reviewers at print and electronic media. Be sure to stamp them “Reader’s Copy” or “Galley Proof.” You want to time the reviews to coincide with the publication and availability of your book. Reviewers want to read it before it hits the shelves. Timing is everything.

=Submit articles.
Your book is a goldmine of article ideas. Every major point is an article ready to be excerpted or paraphrased. Once you know what your target audience is reading, you have a list of potential publications, print and electronic. Write a 25- and 50-word author’s blurb to be printed at the end of every article. When you submit to an online article Website, indicate that the article may be reprinted at no charge, as long as it includes the author’s blurb.

=Some reviewers want Galleys, some Advance Reading Copies (ARC)
*PLAN: Send plain cover galleys soon! to Dr Hu, Libr journal.
-ship these with press release (16), sell sheet (19), link to media room (20)
=Seeking Endorsements (from experts)(35..42)
-peer reviews (41)
-testimonials (42..44)
-best to send or offer printed copy
-could give digital copy using Give as a Gift function at Nook or Kindle site (24).
=Galleys (24..). Cover is WHITE
-back cover
-Front: Book Title, Author Name, Publisher
-Spine: Title, Author, Publisher, Publication date.
-Back: (15,24) May contain publ date, endorsements, briefe overview of the book marketing plan.
=ARC (25)
-has the real cover, ideally with endorsements and review excerpts
=Shipping copies (25)
=Reviews from Magazines, etc. (80….)
-and newsletters
=Online Reviews
-ezinearticles(.com) (91)
-writers in the sky (94)
=Awards (94)
=Permission to use endorsements (104)