Simple Tips for Losing Weight Naturally
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120324 12:00 a.m.
Switched order of my books and placed on
– need_cherish (285 hits)
– be_romance (832 hits)
vs. b_bank which is now (1112 hits)
I gave each book about 4 more hits

120324 8:00 a.m.
Put DD, FLF and I Can Make You Thin pics on be_bank, linking to
1st book-bdd
2nd book-bfl
3rd book-bic
each has one hit
=Also, took down book cover in sidebar temporarily.
***shuffle after 2 days

120315 Simplified instruction on A5, added quotes, left it up

120315 “Diet Dropout’s Guide”=A5 STATS
PER Webalizer “Top 30” A5trackerF now has ___ hits, R has 300
“Top ..referrers” book-A5 has 186 hits
1 email request (Dorothy)
Total visits to RIM/FLS = 2912
book-A5 hits/total visits = 0.064 [5% more than for “complete guide”]
book-A5 hits/ttl pages = 0.0341 [4% less than for “complete guide”]
book-a5 hits/AWSTATS visits (FLS+RIM) = .0886 [=5% more than “complete guide”]
CONCLUSION: TIE or DD slightly better

120308 6:00 am
-now is book A5 (Diet Dropout’s Guide)
-posted on romance in marriage and fatloss blog
-***with A5trackerF.JPG on FLS and A5trackerR.JPG on RIM
-I gave it 4 hits (2 from F and 2 from R).

120308 “Complete Guide”=A4 STATS
PER Webalizer “Top 30” A4trackerF now has 154 hits, R has 256 [261 on 3/15]
“Top ..referrers” book-A4 has 183 hits [190 on 3/15]
Still only one email request (March 2)
Total visits to RIM/FLS = 3011
book-A4 hits/total visits = 0.061
book-A4 hits/ttl pages = 0.0355 [this is 4% more than for “dd guide”]
book-a4 hits/AWSTATS visits (FLS+RIM) = .0843

120301 6:36 am
-now is book A4 (Complete Guide)
-posted on romance in marriage and fatloss blog
-***with A4trackerF.JPG on FLS and A4trackerR.JPG on RIM [didn’t make it there]
-changed pic to (Image..mode RGB, yes on rasterize, merge…Save As JPEG, layers, embed color profile sRBG etc. Matte none, High, 8, Baseline.)
-gave 3 hits, incl at work

120228 8:30 am
changed pics
gave one hit (10 total)

120227 7 am
posted ad on romanceinmarriage index page
-gave it one hit.

120225 7:40 p.m.
-added widget with Complete Guide image pointing to book-a1.
-I gave it 8 hits (12 hrs later Hostmonster Awstats says Page-URL [full list] viewed 8 times).

Google Search
Weight loss science: 9
natural weight loss tips: 9
weight loss tips science: 1
losing weight naturally: 47
natural weight loss: 58
weight loss tips: ~345

Google Search
Weight loss science: 32
natural weight loss tips: 58
weight loss tips science: 4

Google Search
weight loss science: 29
natural weight loss tips: 95

Now changed Description to : Lose fat naturally with tips from research science. How to calm food cravings, boost metabolism, eat less without being hungry, exercise without wasting time, and quit emotional eating, for natural weight loss. FROM:  Practical tips for losing weight naturally, from scientific research.

Keywords was: weight loss, fat loss, practical, simple. NOW is: natural, weight, loss, tips, science, fat, cravings

Google Search
weight loss science: 11
natural weight loss tips: 142; losing weight naturally 151;